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Top 10 words in Australian LinkedIn profiles (and why they’re wrong)

Not long ago, LinkedIn, which must have missed the article where I called it a “quag of frauds, oversharers and time-wasters” sent me a list of the most commonly used words on  profiles of their Australian users. They are as follows: experienced, specialise, passionate, skilled, leadership, motivated, expert, strategic, successful, creative. “Drive”, “outcomes” and “scale” must have been erroneously removed from the data. If we assume “experienced” is used predominantly as a descriptor, that’s seven adjectives, one verb, one noun and an in-betweener (“expert”). Now, if you’re a Benign to Five devotee, you’ll know I’m not shy about liberally...

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From tradies to teachers: The plan to ‘shake up Australia’s schools’

The Turnbull government wants to encourage tradies to become teachers, and nurses to swap the clinic for the classroom, under a plan to “shake up” the country’s schools. A national review of teacher registration – to be announced Saturday – will look to streamline the process for becoming a teacher around Australia, with a view to making it easier for people in trades and other professions to switch careers. At present, most states require teachers to attain at least a diploma of education, if not an undergraduate teaching degree – but it depends on what type of teacher someone...

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Coal class action on solid ground

LAW firm Chamberlains says its proposed casual mineworker class action is a genuine attempt to right a wrong in the coal industry, and not an effort to pressure money out of mining companies. As reported on Friday, the Canberra law firm has been working with an injured former Mount Arthur mineworker, Simon Turner, and intends lodging a class action in the Federal Court over the use of casual labour at the BHP mine. Labour hire firms Chandler Macleod and Tesa are also named. Mining sources downplayed the importance of the case, saying the firm was simply seeking free publicity...

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‘Some time’ before inflation, jobs reach their targets: RBA

The Reserve Bank of Australia said the economy was some way off full employment and inflation returning to the midpoint of its target, signalling policy will stay on hold. Main takeaways Reserve Bank of Australia leaves inflation and economic growth forecasts unchanged from three months earlier in quarterly Statement on Monetary Policy released on Friday Forecast unemployment cut to 5.25 per cent for year ending June 2018 through to year ending June 2019, from 5.5 per cent seen three months earlier Near-term growth outlook for major trading partners “is a little stronger” than seen in November; growth in China expected to...

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Defence deal struck for Australian steel

Australian steel is tipped to play a key role in the country’s fledgling defence exports industry, with a deal being signed in the Illawarra region of NSW. German defence technology firm Rheinmetall will team up with Bluescope Steel, which operates the Port Kembla steel works, to create a new military vehicle. The armoured vehicles will be developed at a new “centre of excellence” west of Brisbane and if successful, will be sourced from 100 per cent Australian steel. The first shipping of 15 tonnes of steel is bound for Germany for testing. Rheinmetall director of strategy Tim Pickford said...

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