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Contributor Terms:
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Per Submission
Posts 1 – 5: AU$25.00
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Reimbursement will be in Bitcoin, at the exchange rate on the day of transfer.

The minimum payout level is AU$150.00

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Submission Guidelines:
To help ensure your article is published in our magazine, please abide by the following guidelines:

1. Provide content that is congruent with our purpose
The purpose of is to equip our audience with expert insights and proven strategies to help them understand industrial relations in Australia.

2. Articles submitted must meet the following criteria:
– Minimum length of 500 words
– No profanity, offensive language, or grammatical errors
– The article must be your own, be completely original (no plagiarism) and copyright free. Submitting an article that is currently published in part or in whole on your existing website or blog is not permitted.
– Any photographs supplied to further enhance your article must be supplied in JPEG or PNG format with a
minimum resolution of 150 dpi and meet the terms and conditions listed above (royalty free or originals)

3. Submit a brief Author Biography (approx. 50 words). A link to your website or offer page is permitted.

4. For the benefit of the reader, we recommend abiding by the following copywriting guidelines:
– Write a captivating headline (ex. “7 Things You Need To Know About Industrial Relations”)
– Be generous with white space. Shorter paragraphs allow easier reading and better flow.
– Use sub-headlines to help break up your article and keep the reader engaged.
– Write with a conversational style (as if you are talking to a friend). We are not a textbook!

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