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Ombudsman Takes Degani Franchise Operator To Court

The operator of a Degani café in Melbourne’s north-east is facing Court after he allegedly used false records to conceal more than $12,000 in underpayments of staff, including teenagers and overseas workers. The Fair Work Ombudsman has commenced legal action in the...

Wages growth is worse than the headlines claim

For once the headlines have been underplaying bad news. That stubbornly weak wage price index (WPI)? The reality is worse. The Reserve Bank's quarterly statement on monetary policy, released on Friday, highlights two broader and arguably better wages measures that are...

Australian power prices worse than banana republics

Australia has power prices worse than a third world country, a global renewable energy guru says. "For a country that has a very high standard of living, stable economic situation and tremendous opportunities, it makes no sense at all for the price of power to be more...

Coal class action on solid ground

LAW firm Chamberlains says its proposed casual mineworker class action is a genuine attempt to right a wrong in the coal industry, and not an effort to pressure money out of mining companies. As reported on Friday, the Canberra law firm has been working with an...

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