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Ombudsman Takes Degani Franchise Operator To Court

The operator of a Degani café in Melbourne’s north-east is facing Court after he allegedly used false records to conceal more than $12,000 in underpayments of staff, including teenagers and overseas workers.

The Fair Work Ombudsman has commenced legal action in the Federal Circuit Court against Greenvale man Sajid Amin, who manages and part-owns the Degani outlet at Greensborough.

Also facing Court is a company Mr Amin is a director of, SHMAP Group Pty Ltd, which holds a franchise agreement for the outlet with Degani Bakery Café Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Degani Australia Pty Ltd.Continue reading

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CFMEU officials refuse to show entry permits, “I’m not dealing with a f—–g pen pusher”

A CFMEU march Photo: Amy Remeikis

Two union officials from the militant CFMEU have been found liable of breaching workplace laws. Both officials refused to show their right of entry permits when entering a work site and for swore at the person who asked to see them.

When the Bendigo Theatre Project site manager asked CFMEU officials Nigel Davies and Alex Tadic to show him their right of entry permits in July 2014, they refused.

The Federal Court of Australia heard that the site manager, Simon Ireland, told the pair they were welcome on the site if they showed him their permits, but if they did not, they would have to leave.Continue reading

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Wages growth is worse than the headlines claim

For once the headlines have been underplaying bad news. That stubbornly weak wage price index (WPI)? The reality is worse.

The Reserve Bank’s quarterly statement on monetary policy, released on Friday, highlights two broader and arguably better wages measures that are tracking lower than the low WPI.

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Thousands of NSW school cleaners have a win in fight for job security

Thousands of cleaners have won a fight for greater job security after being warned they would have to reapply for their jobs for the first time in 24 years.

The NSW Department of Finance Services and Innovation last year notified United Voice, the union representing the cleaners, that employment guarantees in place since 1994 “will not be extended in the new contracts from 2018”.

Following Fairfax Media reports on the issue, the NSW Government on Sunday said it would extend job guarantees to all permanent cleaners employed under the Whole of Government Facilities Management Contract.

It means existing cleaners will not have to reapply for their jobs if there is a change of cleaning supplier in their region.Continue reading

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Australian power prices worse than banana republics

Australia has power prices worse than a third world country, a global renewable energy guru says.

“For a country that has a very high standard of living, stable economic situation and tremendous opportunities, it makes no sense at all for the price of power to be more than a banana republic,” the Australian head of global renewable firm SunEnergy1, and part-time racecar driver, Kenny Habul said.

Speaking at the Bond Business Leaders Forum on the Gold Coast, Mr Habul said Australia needs to dramatically change its energy landscape in order to escape the energy price crisis, adding that there is a disconnect between Australian standards of living and electricity costs.

Mr Habul said will meet with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull later this month to discuss how to halt spiralling power costs and restore the nation’s electricity prices to normality.Continue reading

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Top 10 words in Australian LinkedIn profiles (and why they’re wrong)

Not long ago, LinkedIn, which must have missed the article where I called it a “quag of frauds, oversharers and time-wasters” sent me a list of the most commonly used words on  profiles of their Australian users.

They are as follows: experienced, specialise, passionate, skilled, leadership, motivated, expert, strategic, successful, creative. “Drive”, “outcomes” and “scale” must have been erroneously removed from the data.

If we assume “experienced” is used predominantly as a descriptor, that’s seven adjectives, one verb, one noun and an in-betweener (“expert”).

Now, if you’re a Benign to Five devotee, you’ll know I’m not shy about liberally scattering adjectives and adverbs across my column like truffles over a pasta dish. At first glance you think “There are too many! Surely they’ll overpower the dish. But on closer inspection … magnifico!Continue reading

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From tradies to teachers: The plan to ‘shake up Australia’s schools’

The Turnbull government wants to encourage tradies to become teachers, and nurses to swap the clinic for the classroom, under a plan to “shake up” the country’s schools.

A national review of teacher registration – to be announced Saturday – will look to streamline the process for becoming a teacher around Australia, with a view to making it easier for people in trades and other professions to switch careers.

At present, most states require teachers to attain at least a diploma of education, if not an undergraduate teaching degree – but it depends on what type of teacher someone seeks to become.Continue reading